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Automatic cat's toilet "CatGenie 120 PLUS" - start package 3


Automatic cat's toilet "CatGenie 120 PLUS" basis version
start package 1


"CatGenie 120", worldwide the only self-cleaning and even rinsing cat's toilet with which all removals are automatically decontaminated in the canalisation with consumable material for about 1 year and 1 cat, with fresh scent.

Scope of supply:
  • 1 CatGenie 120 PLUS- basis machine Europe (230 V, 50 hertz, net plugs type C 10 A)
  • 2 boxes of washable granulate material,
  • 1 cartridge Cleaning concentrate SaniSolution
Start package includes, in addition:
  • 3 cartridges cleaning concentrate SaniSolution
  • 2 boxes washable granulate material
  • 1 cartridge for servicing cleaning (Maintenance cartridge)
(The picture shows a non-binding equipment example)
  • If the washable granulate material which must be never changed uses.
  • The washable CatGenie granulate material provides for the fact that your cat can bury the removals accordingly of your desire.
  • With every Cleaning cycle the firm components from the granulate material are removed
  • Afterwards the granulate material is washed three times and dried.
  • While pumping off the sewage the firm components are so chopped up that everything can be decontaminated in the canalisation
  • An easy connection like a washing machine.
  • Tested from veterinarians, used and recommended.


Technical dates of the CatGenie for Europe


Mains voltage: 230 V, 50 hertz
Fuse: mind. 8 A
Power admission:
- Readiness: approx. 1 W
- Cleaning cycle: 20 W
- Drying cycle: 1200 W
Water connection:
- Hydraulic pressure min: 0.05 MPa
- Hydraulic pressure max.: 0.80 Mpa
Weight: approx. 11.5 kg 
of it 
- Processing unit approx. 5.5 kg


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