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Maintenance cartridge for cat litter box CatGenie 120

Maintenance cartridge for the automatic self-cleaning
self-washing cat toilet "CatGenie 120" and "CatGenie 120 PLUS".
  • Special cleaning cartridge for the self-cleaning and self-washing cat toilet CatGenie 120.
  • Starts a special cleaning program for basic cleaning
  • Sufficient for 4 basic cleanings.
  • Content: approx. 450 ml

The cleaning cartridge cleans the Catgenie so thoroughly that the optical water level sensor is clear and clean again.

Please note that your CatGenie has been cleaned with a normal cleaning cycle immediately before starting the basic or maintenance cleaning.

In addition, any deposits (lime or urine scale) are removed.

It is recommended to carry out the basic cleaning when changing the SaniSolution cartridge or after the system message "Optical water level sensor dirty".

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