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Pack with 6 cartridges SaniSolution for cat litter box CatGenie 120 - fresh scent

SaniSolution cleaning cartridge (with delicate fragrance) 
for automatic litter box "CatGenie 120" and "CatGenie 120 PLUS"
(pack with 6 cartridges) 

Cartridge with cleaning concentrate "SaniSolution" for the self-cleaning and self-washing cat toilet Catgenie 120 to clean the granulate and genius bowl and thus to ensure the correct operation of the CatGenie. 

With fresh, delicate fragrance for a pleasant room climate. 

  • The SaniSolution 120 cartridge is used to dose the exact amount of cleaning solution to clean the granulate and genius bowl, thus ensuring the correct operation of the CatGenie.
  • Made from the same ingredients used by veterinarians to sterilize work tables, etc. 
  • One cartridge is sufficient for 120/240 cleaning cycles, depending on the operating mode. 
  • In the "activation by a cat" mode, up to 240 cleaning cycles are achieved. 
  • The CatGenie cat toilet requires the intelligent cartridge for operation. 
  • It is best to keep a small reserve available. 
  • Low level alarm tone of theSaniSolution cartridge. 
  • Content: approx. 450 ml
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